About Augmented Pixels
Augmented Pixels (Palo Alto, CA, founded in 2013) is a technology company, focusing on AR navigation, AI analytics, localization and 3d mapping for mobile phones, drones and robots.

The company develops proprietary real-time mono SLAM, visual localization and 3D mapping technologies and provides cutting-edge technological solutions and localization services for Tier 1 enterprises including but not limited to LG, Intel, Qualcomm.
We create a world where people can share and cooperate on the same earth scale map by using mobile phones, AR glasses and robots.
About CorpMap.AI
At the end of 2020 Augmented pixels Inc launched CoropMap AI - AR navigation, 3D mapping and AI cloud analytics solution for commercial and industrial facility management and property development corporations, public places owners and operators, municipalities and others.

It helps to improve facility management operations, solves indoor and outdoor navigation problems, increases staff and business processes efficiency.