About Augmented Pixels
Augmented Pixels, Inc (Palo Alto, CA, founded in 2013)—a leader in precise 3D geolocation with the next generation of 3D maps crowdsourcing, cloud localization and AR navigation solutions on board.
Proprietary technologies:
  • Real-time mono/stereo SLAM SDK with sensor fusion (Replacement of AR Kit / AR Core)
  • Navigation SDK (3D Maps crowdsourcing, on-cloud localization, etc.)
Our clients—tier 1 enterprises, including but not limited to LG, Intel, Qualcomm.
We create a world where people can share and cooperate on the same earth scale map by using mobile phones, AR glasses and robots.
About CorpMap.AI
CorpMap.AI is an enterprise multi-platform indoor navigation solution developed by Augmented Pixels. It’s optimizing facility management operations and improving indoor logistics by AR navigation, AI analytics, maintenance ticket tracking system with shared locations etc.

Main features include precise AR Navigation, foot-traffic AI Analytics, real-time route tracking, location-based promotions, AR concierge service, AR personnel training, etc. CorpMap.AI ensures the precisest indoor navigation on the market with a 2cm accuracy rate.